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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
21 March 2003 @ 02:17 pm
hey guys, what journal sites do you know of?

Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
21 March 2003 @ 03:08 pm
i re-did my userinfo. i can't figure out why the fuck theres such a huge gap between the image and my interests :-\ help anyone?
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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
21 March 2003 @ 04:01 pm

I've lost my internet, so I won't be setting your ftp accounts back up anytime soon (maybe a week, less or more), I also can't check your emails you send me telling me that you can't log into your ftp, I told you already that I was going to lose all my ftp user accounts when I switched servers, and since I haven't had the internet, I haven't had the chance to set things back up. Also, if anyone has email @of-oblivion.org or @vomitus.net, your emails won't be sent to you, all email users were also lost. Sorry for the inconvinence, but I can't even access my email on this computer to send this via email instead of posting it on my journal. I also can't log into the community blogs because the cgi has to be reset up. If you're friends with any of my hostee's that aren't on my friends list, please inform them of this.

I don't know whats wrong with my internet at home, but I don't see it being fixed anytime soon.

I'm also leaving this a public entry, so if anyone wants to go to my other hostee's websites and leave a message linking to this in their guestbook or something, that'd be great.

actually posted on: 08/21/03 @ 2:52pm
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
21 March 2003 @ 04:02 pm
Gee guys, thanks for taking me off your lists because I didn't have the internet :-|

actually posted on: 09/26/03 @ 7:58pm
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
21 March 2003 @ 04:03 pm
It's finally happened... You have lost hope, and you've started to defriend me.


And I'm dead serious. :-P That's completely fantastic. Like I've said a million times, my friends list is far too big anyways. That doesn't mean I don't like the majority of you, it just means I'm now finding out who really likes me. :)

And you were going to get a photo, but my Grandma's gay AOL won't let me upload the damn thing.

actually posted on: 04/29/05 @ 5:07pm
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
21 March 2003 @ 04:04 pm

I've recently become very picky about who I add to my friends list, check the userinfo for details.