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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
12 March 2003 @ 09:20 am
yesterday was supposed to be good. yesterday WAS good before we dropped off stephanie. i hate my grandma so much. she could care less about the things she does to me. i can't talk to her about it, because she won't listen. i can't write her a letter, because she wouldn't read it. i can go to her crying, because she'll overlook me. i can't do anything to get through to her. whenever i say she makes me wish i were dead, she says i'm just saying that to make her feel bad. when i say she's the reason i'm always sad, upset, or pissed off, she says "woah is me amber. quit blaming everything on me." she honestly doesn't care about me.

now i will go to baltimore if she wants me to or not. i just might not come back.

thank you to everyone that replied with nice things to my post yesterday, you all made me feel alot better.
Mood: discontent
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
12 March 2003 @ 10:53 am
why did my grandma have to throw away our jar top grippy thing that looked like a diaphram? i can't get my jar of baby food open. someone come open it for me >.< and bring a vat of anbesol maximum strenght gel with you too.

oh yes, and i wish lara would realize what a beautiful person she is, inside and out, because she really is.

i miss the brenda.
Mood: blah
Music: gila copter - revolting cocks
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
12 March 2003 @ 12:35 pm
should i keep this icon, or replace it with my loverock av?
Music: relax (assemblage 23 mix) - kdc
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
12 March 2003 @ 02:40 pm
pissed off
Mood: pissed off
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
12 March 2003 @ 03:21 pm
dude, now this has reached all sorts of fucked up. she had me on her friends list on blurty... found it on google my ass. i've been talking to her since i found out about this, and she hasn't said a damn thing yet.

moron breeding (2:33:40 PM): hey, just wondering why you stole my layout O.o
moron breeding (2:35:04 PM): ... not gonna reply?
moron breeding (2:35:51 PM): not only did you STEAL IT but you totally fucked it up too, good god.
moron breeding (2:37:27 PM): i'd really appreciate if you'd take it down
moron breeding (2:50:29 PM): OH and you're name is twitch too, how cute. it seems that stealing icons isn't your only problem, you like to snatch complete layouts. i guess your too much of a bitch to talk to me, so just take down my fucking layout.
moron breeding (2:55:30 PM): OOOOOH SO YOU FOUND IT ON GOOGLE HUH!? i'm so sure.
moron breeding (3:18:26 PM): dude, no shit. you had me on your blurty's friends list, no wonder i recognized the name and domain. gee, you are fucking low.

goddamnit, i love people. especially 14 year old hypcritical thief ass bitches.
pissed off
Mood: pissed off
Music: back down - 50 cent
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
12 March 2003 @ 07:57 pm
i wish there was a way to tell you what i feel, but embarrisment, fear, and uncertainty keeps me well in check. i'm too scared to upset you and too scared i'd lose you in every since. i know you know to some extent, but not a whole lot. and i know your damn well smart enough to know i'm talking about you, but i wouldn't mention your name for the world, just incase i'm overlooked. i sit here and i feel so worthless because i can't do a damn thing to help you. my problems seem so immature and unimportant when i talk to you. i feel stupid because i can't even give good advice, i don't know what to say. i wish i could help. i want to be the prince on a white horse, and i can't.
Mood: depressed