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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
07 March 2003 @ 05:19 am
did anyone else watch bush make excuses for why we should go to war? gee, that sure did make me proud to be an american. *wank wank* whats scary is the fact that they don't have enough people to fight currently, they're pulling in all the reserves and it's not enough. there will be a draft, i'm sure. mike told brad that he'd be better off in jail for diserting than going to war, and i agree. if it does get to where they start a draft, we'll have to casually move to canada for a while.

why is it that you never see inute or haiwain people in war films? i mean, they do live in the us.

other than that i had a horrible day which i'm not going to talk about. i did however sleep through the night and have several bad nightmares all of which contained alicia, brad, and mark.

i'll be re-opening o-o.org in a few days.
Mood: sleepy