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Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
04 March 2003 @ 12:45 am
new userinfo and all new interests, yay for me. it's so past 9:00 brenda's time.

pg.99 broke up, and reading the goodbye letter mike posted on the site almost made me cry it was so sad. i wish i could get to maryland and virgina for the last two shows :(
Mood: accomplished
Music: anti matter - haujobb
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
04 March 2003 @ 03:22 am
only 40 shopping days left til my birthday. just a reminder ;)
Mood: okay
Music: earthworm - ohGr
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
04 March 2003 @ 04:24 am
oh lord, talking to cute italian girls who have a hard time writing in english is fun. seriously, this is fun. haha.
Mood: good
Music: used to be punk - the vexed
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
04 March 2003 @ 11:44 pm
in an ideal world there would be mandatory sterilization. if someone wanted to have children they would have to prove it by means of a psychological evaluation and should be monitored for potential bad parenting. if they passed the test, then they could have a child, if the fail, then sorry, no, there must've been some obvious reason why they wouldn't be a fit parent.

i'm really sick of people popping out numerous children and not teaching them any manners, proper social behavior, etc. if you're going to have heathen offspring, fucking make sure they know how to act. if it were an ideal world like i mentioned before, these sort of things wouldn't happen. people who are ignorant, rude, racist, and other such things wouldn't be allowed to make babies that they won't take care of and who will turn out exactly like their parents.

i live in a highly racist area. luckily through all the torment i've gone through, i haven't succumb to it and let it get the better of me. racism breeds racism, and racists breed more racists. the majority of people i see with children in my area are all under thirty and have three to five children already, some times more, and they all act exactly the same. my boyfriend and i were attacked by kids that had to be in elementary school, maybe they oldest being thirteen (see post) all because we were a couple of white kids in their neighborhood, even though i've been there all my life, which is longer than they've even been alive. i see it every day, rude women leading a herd of kids behind her making rude comments to me because i'm white, and the children always do the same. it's ridiculous. people aren't raising their kids properly anymore. i'm fully aware of the fact parents of other races do the same thing, i just don't live in a place where thats the case.

i had more to say, but now i can think of it.
Mood: bored
Music: no one gets out of her alive - pig