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21 March 2003 @ 04:04 pm
oh noez!  

I've recently become very picky about who I add to my friends list, check the userinfo for details.
Maeforhazeyjane on April 5th, 2003 03:23 pm (UTC)
Hey this is Beau from A?ATHY
Hey this is Beau from A?ATHY and I don't exactly remember your name and didnt have your email address or anything so tink gave me a link to your livejournal page. I wanted to talk to you about working on our new website if you were still interested. Graham isn't very reliable in working on things so I thought I would work on it with you. You can email me at aptmilk31@hotmail.com
P.S. I had to use my girlfriends livejournal account because I can't leave an anonymous message.

Beau of A?ATHY